Friday, April 15, 2011

New WD~50 Dessert

Rass el honout cake, coconut cream, freeze dried corn, coriander sauce, compressed pineapple, tamarind ice cream, micro arugula

Cant wait to try it Mr. Livingston.


  1. That tuile is so whimsical. The trouble with the dehydrated gellan squiggle that you can bend around while warm is that the shapes were tough to get nicely round and smooth once bent. I wonder if they're just getting better at it, or if this is a new technique.

    Do they have a freeze-drier there, or at they just buying freeze-dried corn from, e.g., Honeyville?

  2. I had that dessert 3 weeks ago! sooooo good! :)

  3. The tuile is pretty awesome. No they don't have a freeze drier. I'm sure the corn was just purchased through terra spice or the like.