Friday, February 25, 2011

Pomegranate Tuile

The picture above is the tuile I used for my new dessert. It is made by taking pomegranate juice, and lemon juice and thickening them with a modified food starch called ultra tex. Ultra tex is derived from tapioca. It exhibits a lot of the same characteristics from that of a modified cooked starch. The interesting thing about ultra tex is that it is cold water soluble, meaning that you do not need to heat the liquid being thickened. The way I hydrate the ultra tex into my pomegranate lemon juice mixture is by using a vitaprep. The ratio of ultra tex I used for this particular application is 5%, meaning if I were to use 500g of liquid I would use 25g of ultratex. It seems like a lot but ultra tex does not exhibit a lot of flavor. When I am done sheering in my ultratex I pass the mix through a fine chinoise. I leave the mix to fully hydrate overnight. The next day I take a piece of actetate and spray it with cooking spray and then wipe off the excess. I spread the pomegranate tuile mix as thin as possible onto the actetate and then place into a dehydrator until crisp. (usually about 24-36 hours) What I think is unique about this tuile is the fact that it spiderwebs. (which was actually a mistake that I took advantage of) Also I really like the clarity of the tuile, it is basically like red glass. I think the tuile itself looks very interesting kind of like a dreamcatcher. You can break the tuile apart into shards and you will still get the same effect on the plate. (See below New Dessert)


  1. Ultra tex seems to be similar to xathan gum?

  2. Yes similar in functionality, but xanthan gum is a carbohydrate derived from fermenting glucose with a certain bacteria, usually found in corn and or cabbage. On the other hand Ultra Tex is a modified food starch.

  3. Hi There
    I recently found your blog, really nice presentations overall. Might you be willing to post your ratios / method on the flexable ganache. I have made a few in the past with mixed results.

    Thanks !