Friday, April 30, 2010

Alinea's Desserts

I had the pleasure of eating for the second time at Alinea last night. Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed it very much. We both enjoyed three sweet courses to finish our meal. The first couple pictures are of Earl Grey, which was brought out on a pillow that was perfumed with the scent of earl grey. The dessert consisted of lemon curd spheres, crystallized pine nuts, cookie crumble, carmelized white chocolate, and I believe a rose water gelee. The second dessert we enjoyed was their Chocolate dessert. It consisted of coconut gel, menthol, hyssop, frozen coconut, frozen chocolate mousse, warm chocolate "puck", and a chocolate crumble. The third and our final course was there classic bubble gum shooter, which was filled with a long pepper gelee, hibiscus gel, creme fraiche, and bubble gum tapioca. Overall our meal was fantastic. I look forward to the next time I eat at Alinea.

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