Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Dessert

On my days off I really enjoy coming up with new dessert ideas in my own kitchen. All of the pictures in "My Desserts" have been made at home in my kitchen. I own a lot of idustrial chemicals that help me to achieve the products in the pictures. I also own a lot of tools that I rely on to create my desserts (immersion blender, thermowhip, vitaprep, atomizer, etc etc.) I really hope that I can inspire more chefs to cook and test recipes in the comfort of there own home. I know that after 14 hour days that is the last thing that most of you would want to do. But hey this dessert only took about an hour to make from start to finish.

Apricot, Lemon Confit, Orange Confit, Lemon Gel, Apricot Gel, Vanilla Bavarois, Heavy Cream Powder, Orange Candy, Orange Sorbet


  1. Looks awesome, but now please explain how you could possibly make all of that in an hour.

  2. Sorry about the late response on all these comments, I just figured out how to check my comments. All I can say about getting everything accomplished in "roughly" an hour is time management. I did not make the Orange sorbet it was store bought. The gels made using ultratex to thicken instead of standard fluid gels using agar, gellan, etc. to set and then reblend. Vanilla Bav. was the first to make because of bake time. Blanched both lemon and orange zest together, then confit together. Heavy cream powder was store bought as well. Organization and time managment.