Monday, April 19, 2010

Alcohol "Gums"

The pictures that you see are taken at L20 and are of mezcal “gum”. Essentially it is a gelee made from gelatin and sugar with mezcal alcohol as the flavoring. I have made other gums using the same formula but with different alcohol flavorings. The texture is that of a gummy bear, but with pure alcohol flavoring. A grown up gummy bear if you will. The formula consists of the alcohol flavoring bloomed with powdered gelatin. Another mixture of the same alcohol, sugar, and glucose is heated to 125 degrees C, and then cooled to 100 degrees. The bloomed alcohol and gelatin mix is added to the cooled sugars, with a third amount of the alcohol. The finished gelee is funneled into oiled silicon molds to set in refrigeration. I would imagine that any liquid could be replaced in the formula to add flavor (fruit purees etc.) I think the finished product is an interesting way to add a different textural element to your desserts.


  1. Hi,

    Would it be possible to get a more complete recipe (in grams)? Or even just ratios?

    I am very interested in trying this out!


  2. Recipe as follows:

    38.5 alcohol 1
    16.5 powdered gelatin

    100 glucose
    75 sugar
    37.5 alcohol 2

    30 alcohol 3

    Bloom the powdered gelatin with alcohol 1 and melt over low heat.
    Heat glucose, sugar and alcohol 2 to 125C and cool to 98C.
    Mix the gelatin and alcohol 1 into the heated sugars.
    Add alcohol 3 to the entire mix and pipe into molds.