Thursday, April 8, 2010


When I start to conceptualize a dessert I draw from a few different things. One of those things are books. I really enjoy sitting down and reading in my spare time. The only books that manage to hold my attention are cookbooks. I have compiled a short list of books (in no particular order) that inspire me. These books are written by chefs who I truly admire and look up to. The books listed provide a plethora of insight into the world of pastry.
Siete- Paco Torreblanca, Oriol Balaguer, Jordi Pujol, Ramon Morato, Carles Mampel, Miguel Sierra, and Jacob Torreblanca
Natura- Albert Adria
Chocolates and Confections- Peter P. Greweling
Frozen Desserts- Francisco J. Migoya
Paco Torreblanca 2- Paco Torreblanca

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