Monday, April 26, 2010

New Hering Plate

This is a picture of a new hering plate we recieved at L20. Im not sure if it is new to the restaurant or just new to the menu. When I first saw Laurent pull this plate out I fell in love. A crowd of eager chefs soon circled to see the plate for themselves. Hering must have broken a lot of plates drilling the holes. I am not quite sure what the actual name of the plate is or the exact price. I would imagine a single plate would cost $400-600. (don't quote me on that).


  1. Wow, dude, you have Francisco Migoya commenting on your blog! Anyway, I was quoted around $450 for these. But they give discounts to well-known restaurants and such.

  2. Well I guess I will start saving and maybe I can afford 1 by the time I open my business.