Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My thoughts

First and foremost I focus on flavor, and how I can get the most from my product. I usually start each dessert with a flavor profile of 3-4 main flavors that I want my dessert to consist of. You have to think that if you use too many flavors in your desserts things might get “lost”. Sometimes less is more if you know what I mean. When I go to a restaurant or a bakery, I always eat with my eyes. I believe that customers will always eat with there eyes first. People are not going to come into your establishment if your food does not look appetizing. So another main focus of mine is to make my desserts visually appealing. I really enjoy movement in desserts. I like to kind of stray from the more classical symmetry that I have seen in a lot of desserts lately. I guess you could say I like more organic and whimsical shapes. Another thing I like to focus on is color in my desserts. Being a marketing major I have learned that each color in our spectrum introduces and provokes a different emotional response in people. It is through these emotional responses that feelings are formed. Each color represents something else. So, playing with different colors and components you can in turn begin to delve into the minds of your guests. I also try to focus on technique whether it be classical or more modern. I believe that you must have a strong foundation of technique. These are just a few of the things that float around in my brain when I begin to work on a new dessert. To be continued….

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