Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Itinerary

I can not wait for the next few months. I have the opportunity to go and stage at 2 of this countries top restaurants. At the beginning of May I will be traveling to NY to work at WD50 for 2 weeks. I am excited to work with the pastry chef Alex Stupak, and my good friend Malcolm (worked together at per se). I have had the opportunity to eat some of Alex’s desserts on several different occasions, and have never been disappointed. He is a very talented chef. After my trip to the big apple I will then be headed cross country to The French Laundry for three months. I can’t wait to see the Napa Valley for the first time. I am very fortunate to get the chance to work with this countries top chefs. Courtney Schmidig is the pastry chef at the Laundry. I have never had the chance to meet her but I hear nothing but good things from all of my friends at per se. I do know that she took over the pastry chef position shortly after Claire Clark left. I really enjoy traveling, and being able to work in these restaurants while seeing the United States is the perfect combination. I am always trying to learn new things in my career. I strongly believe that by surrounding yourself with talented people is the best way to learn new things. I will be doing just that in the coming months.

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