Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Few of Avenues Desserts

2 days after my meal at Alinea my girlfriend and I ate one of the best meals of our lives. I have to admit that the food that Chef Curtis Duffy sent out to us was amazing. The few pictures that follows are of our pre dessert, which was a passion fruit hollowed out with passion fruit tapioca pearls, rose and vanilla cream. The next picture is of the dessert that was sent to me. Chocolate saffron, bergamont, and chewy honey. Awesome! The next pic is of the dessert that my girlfriend ate. Raspberry, Thai black pepper, mascarpone, and African blue basil. And the last pic that you see is of our mignardes, Chocolate truffles.(Reminds me of Norman Loves Black Collection wink wink) Outstanding Meal.

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