Saturday, May 22, 2010

WD~50 Desserts

I had the pleasure of eating Wd~50's Tasting Menu on Thursday. By far the most creative menu I have ever eaten. The food at WD~50 was amazing. The desserts blew my head off. Alex's desserts are out of this world. The pictures that follows are the desserts that I saw on my menu .(Not usually on the regular tasting menu) The first picture is of the pre dessert which is: chewy lychee sorbet, yuzu foam, celery, vanilla oil, caramel and pistachio mix. This pre dessert is a great example of how to bridge the gap between the sweet and savory courses. Really refreshing and awesome! The next course I recieved was: lemongrass mousse, jackfruit, jackfruit puree, lemongrass foam, lemongrass ice, brown sugar crust, and whole wheat sorbet. A stunning presentation! This dessert has a lot of complex flavors that have excellant balance. One of my favorites. The course that followed was: licorice custard, pear tuile, poached pears, pear foam, sake gelee, licorice powder, and sake sorbet. This dessert was very light and very refreshing. My next course was: airated coffee ice cream, argan oil, argan foam, candies pecans, chocolate plaques, and chocolate sablee. Airated coffee ice cream = The coolest technique EVER! My next and last course was the 1st plating of the "Floating Island" which consisted of: dried meringue, passion fruit mousse, banana puree, fresh bananas, vanilla anglaise and passion fruit sauce. It was an honor to recieve a dessert which is not even on the menu yet. The last picure is of the mignardes: milk and cookies, and a chocolate packet. I applaud Alex and Malcolm for their creativty. I want to thank everyone at WD~50 for a great meal and an amazing learning experience.

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