Friday, May 28, 2010

The French Laundry

Just got into Yountville less than 12 hours ago. Let me just say this, Yountville = Beautiful. Such a quaint little town. I started off my 1st morning by waking up at 6am (still jet-lagged) and going to get some coffee at Bouchon Bakery. I then strolled through town checking out all the little shops and restaurants. I start my stage at the French Laundry on Monday. I am very excited about this opportunity. I will be here at the Laundry for 3 months. From what I hear from friends these 3 months (June, July, and August) are the best. Spending the summer in Napa is going to be an amazing experience. I am sure I am going to learn a lot and meet some great people along the way. To be continued....

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