Wednesday, September 15, 2010

iSi Thermowhip

I have used a variety of different cream chargers. I have found that the iSi Thermowhip works the best for me. If you dont already know what an iSi creamer is I will tell you. They are a brand of cream chargers originally meant to make whip cream at home. It is basically a metal canister that holds liquid or other ingredients, it is air tight, and when used in conjuction with either Co2 or No2 you can make a variety of whipped or soda charged recipes. I really like the thermowhip because you can hold hot or cold ingredients in it without having to reheat or chill the canister before use. Cream chargers are very versatile tools in the pastry kitchen. You can make a wide range of recipes: foams, espumas, drinks, cakes, soups, sauces, whipped creams, etc. Below is a basic chocolate mousse recipe that can either be used hot or cold, I prefer hot.

Chocolate Mousse

500 Chocolate 64% or 72%

200 Whole Milk

75 Cream

1ea. Used Vanilla Bean

p Salt


Sous Vide all ingredients together in a bag

Place bag in hot water to melt

Remove vanilla bean and poor into iSi Thermowhip

Charge with 3-4 Cream Charges



  1. After 3 (and sometimes only 2) charges, aren't you just wasting the CO2?

  2. Do you have any cake recipes using the microwave...
    Let. Me know..Thanks

  3. Almond Sponge:
    40 bitter almond
    120 chooped toasted almonds
    160 yolks
    160 Sugar
    250 whites
    40 AP
    add everything to a vitaprep in order
    vitaprep smooth
    pass, isi

  4. Well it really depends on what you are putting in the iSi David, if there is a higher fat content obviously you will need less Co2 or No2. I would suggest adding 1 charge at a time and testing so you can make sure you dont over/under whip.

  5. Tried it tonight. Didn't want to use up my cream, so I replaced the 75 g cream with 30 g butter + 45 g milk (so total 245 g milk). Melted it, mixed it, and served at probably 100-110 F.

    Powerful taste--probably best accompanied by something.

    I probably under-whipped, but it was still good. The bubbles were coming to the surface a bit, however and it was on the liquidy side. I think next time I'll try serving it cooler and shake it a bit more to try for a firmer texture. (Oh, and with cream for real!)

  6. Cool Post.
    I need your opinion.
    I want to make cold chocolate mousse in the isi whip.
    Normally I would melt dark chocolat and mix it with heavy cream.
    But I am afraid that after I melted the dark chocolat and mixed it with heavy cream in my dispenser (and let it cool in the fridge) that it wont come out.
    Do you have any helpful tips for me?
    Would be cool

  7. Thanks Chris,
    If you want to make a cold chocolate mousse i would try something like the following....
    250 cream
    250 milk
    100 yolks
    2ea whole eggs
    100 chocolate (preferably dark)

    make an anglaise with the milk, cream, yolks and eggs
    poor hot anglaise over melted chocolate making a ganache/cremeux
    burr mix to make sure completely homogenous
    pass through a chinoise into thermowhip
    charge with 4-6 cream charges and reserve in fridge until cool

    Hope this recipe helps Chris