Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Saver

When you usually think of food savers your thoughts might take you to your at home vacuum sealer. My thoughts take me to the pastry kitchen. Yes I do have an at home food saver. I usually use it for marinating and sealing products to be frozen. (extending the shelf life) Lately my fellow workers and I have been using the plastic food saver containers to aerate ice creams chocolate and even gels. Basically the process that we go through is this (for aerated ice cream): spin or pacotize your ice cream base as normal, pipe you spun ice cream into your food saver container, place the lid on and twist the cap to the open setting, place your food saver container into an industrial cryovac machine and start taking the air out, the ice cream will begin to boil and thus create air pockets, when the cycle has completed take you food saver with you aerated ice cream out of the cryovac machine and twist the cap to the closed setting thus trapping the air and preventing your ice cream from collapsing, reserve the container in a freezer until needed. I have also used these containers to aerate chocolate to form aerated chocolate deco and other interesting textures. What I would like to experiment on next is an aerated pate des fruits using this technique. Below are some pics of my at home food saver, the container used for making the aerated products, and the lid which shows the open/close valve.

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