Sunday, January 16, 2011

Smoked Bread

We just started implementing a new bread at Corton. It is a lean dough mini baguette. What makes this bread unique and interesting is the fact that we smoke the flour and use a smoked beer in the recipe. We smoke the flour in hotel pans with hay. The bread flour itself imparts a great deal of smokiness from this process. We also use a smoked beer for some of the liquid in the recipe. By using both the smoked flour and the smoked beer the finished product has a very pleasant aroma and taste of smoke. Now all we need is some nice smoked butter and smoked salt to accompany it and then we will have smoke overload for one aspect of our bread service. Well done Blake thanks for coming in today. The pics are: the label from the smoked beer (dont ask me to pronounce it), and the baguettes proofing after preshaping and shaping.

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