Friday, January 6, 2012

A few pics from Miami tasting

Soft chocolate ganache, banana bread, chocolate crumble, crystallized cashews, grated cashew, banana brûlée, chocolate ice cream

Maple custard, toasted hazelnut hache, oatmeal ice cream, maple syrup

Coffee mousse, crystallized walnuts, candied chestnuts, caramel espuma,
"shattered" chocolate ice cream


  1. looks awesome as always russel...for the "shattered" chocolate ice cream, do you use the aeration method and than just break the ice in peaces?I'm still working on this technic but i have no idea where i make the mistake.i use a normal industry vacuum-sealer but i dont know if i have to setting up the strength of the vacuum, perhaps the lenght of the process so that the chocolate doesnt boil and looses air or if the failure lies by the container i've used (normal food save canister)so i have to choose another with open setting to avoid impression of the container maybe something that you use in the past post about aeration?!

    would be awesome if you can help me in this point.

    best regards,


  2. The shattered ice cream that I used was just a traditional chocolate ice cream that I spun in a pacojet. I then scooped out a big chunk and dropped it straight into liquid nitrogen. I let it completely freeze rock hard then took it out and hit it with a metal spoon shattering it into little pieces. When I use the method you are talking about to aerate ice cream I first use a base with a high fat content. I spin the ice cream, pipe/scoop it into a food saver canister, put the lid on with the top set to open, cryovac in a chamber sealer set to 99%, when the air is released I take the food saver out and close the lid and freeze. Hope this helps Daniel.